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Horoscope reports, birth charts, remedies, pooja advices, Yantras, gemstone recommendations etc, from Pandit Kumar and/or other members of are given to you on your request or purchase of services online. We do not insist anyone to follow our astrologer's suggestions. Its up to you to make your own decision to follow the recommendations. You will be the sole responsible for the outcomes.

All payment transactions are handled through highly secured PayPal service. We don't keep any of your credit card information, as it is all handled by PayPal service completely. 

Your personal information is private and we maintain confidentiality . Personal information includes: any details you provided us (like birth details, contact information ), your horoscope, analysis of your horoscope, any questions asked by you, any answers provided by us either by phone/mail/in-person.

Color and size of the gems will not be exactly as it looks in the pictures, but are very close to the pictured gems.

Customers are responsible for paying Customs and Excise duties during shipment of yantra's, protections, gems, rings, pendents, If they are staying outside of USA. 

Return Policy : Items sold on  or sold by Pandit Kumar directly cannot be cancelled once your customized yantra's are made. Still If you want to cancel your order, making charges,wastage of metal charges and pooja charges will be deducted. We don't accept any returns for refund once item shipped. Items can be exchanged with in 1 week,If they are not used by you.This exchange will be with any other item equal or more of the original purchase amount. Actual exchange amount will less than the purchase amount, as the shipping, labor, wastage, pooja charges, will be deducted. The final exchange value will be decided by the sole discretion of the seller. These are auspicious spiritually powered items for particular person. Once used ,it should not be reusable to others. We don't give any guarantee for results of the yantra's or gemstones. Astrologers just guide you as per vedic astrology.

Poojas: You can cancel your ordered poojas atleast before 24 hrs to get refund. Once poojas done No refund provided. We cannot give any guarantee for results of the poojas.It is belief and spirituality between you and God. God only can give results. Astrologers are guiders only. They suggest remedies, poojas based on Hindu vedic astrology.We do not force you to do poojas in our Ashram temple. You can do poojas anywhere, where ever you want.

Undoubtedly all the information provided by the Kumar is for the benefits and betterment of the viewers and readers but Kumar assumes no responsibility regarding the mishandling of the information which you derive from the varied sources such as website, telephone, email , personal interaction or any other source.

Kumar is not liable for any decisions, which you make on your comprehensive power of the lessons, readings, advice's, and other lessons received from Kumar. The information delivered by him is meant for entertainment purposes and not for replacing professional advice's in the different sectors such as health, religion, finance. Kumar by no means will be responsible if any emotional distress and personal misfortune occur to you by listening to the lessons delivered by or through Kumar.

In the same manner Kumar gives no guarantees or make no promises regarding your future success and earnings or that you will surely be benefited financially or emotionally by availing our services. Your responsibilities are in your own hands and Kumar is not liable for any decisions and conclusions you make by opting for the services of Kumar. All the fees paid by credit card, cash, cheque or by any other means in lieu of the services are non- refundable in any circumstance. All the above stated stipulations are not intended to restrict or limit your legal statutory rights which can be fully exercised if death or injury occurs to you because the negligence on our part or on any of our agents or employees.

There are no guarantees that every person using this program will reunite with their loved ones. Relationships depend on a lot of factors like emotional dynamics, compatibility and mutual understanding between a couple. Also, the efforts to rekindle the relationship also make a lot of difference. Depending on these factors, the results would vary from one couple to another. Kumar , USA's supreme genuine and recognized astrologer, welcomes you with open hands and is a world renowned palmist, astrologer, numerologist and spiritualist. The Indian origin psychic also specializes in face reading and Vaastu.

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